The Cleveland Browns have agreed on a 2 year deal with quarterback Robert Griffin III on Thursday. The deal is for 2 years 15 million dollars, with 6.75M guaranteed. I happen to like this move from both sides. The Browns get a QB that is starving for a bone. A former #2 overall draft choice, in which the Washington Redskins paid an extraordinary price to go up and get him, Griffin’s time as the Redskins QB was short-leashed. Injury after injury, coaching changes, and a poor supporting cast, found Griffin on the bench holding the clipboard for Kirk Cousins in 2015. Drafted in the same year (2012), it’s the 4th round pick, Cousins, that became the team’s franchise QB, and not the highly touted very expensive #2 overall. Chalk it up as perhaps bad luck for Griffin. Injuries limited his time on the field, and ineffectiveness when given the chance, led to his release from the team earlier this month. 

Now with the Browns, Griffin has the chance to start over. He will be given the opportunity to compete for a starting job with most likely, coincidentally, whoever the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft is. Griffin has the talent, abilities, and age to still be a franchise QB for someone, and lets’s face it, they haven’t exactly been successful with drafting a quarterback in the 1st round (1999- 2015: Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel). Of course, this is a new regime in Cleveland so they’ll want to change that narrative I’m sure. Things could get even uglier for Cleveland if they are planning on using Griffin as a “bridge” to the guy they draft next. Griffin isn’t built that way. I don’t believe that is a situation he wants to be in. I like the signing and I like the price they got him for. As far as a fantasy football impact for RG3? Let us wait until after the draft. I will say this though, I like his value much more than anybody the Browns has under center in a very long time. 

Notes: Josh McCown is reportedly on the trade block. Most teams will probably wait for him to be released rather than trade for him. 

*UPDATE: Browns did not draft a quarterback until late in the 3rd round, when they selected Cody Kessler (USC). This appears to be RG3’s team at the moment but Josh McCown is still with the team